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Rimon Tours was established in 1972 and is among the three leading Outgoing Escorted Tours operator in Israel.

Rimon Tours offers a range of organized tours to various destinations, including Western and Eastern Europe, Northern, Central, and South America, the Far East (including Japan and Southeast Asia), Australia and New Zealand, Morocco, and South Africa.

With a yearly turnover of around 55 Million USD, Rimon Tours Group employs over a hundred employees.

Rimon is the primary company in the group, with more than 300 trips per year, a direct sales call-center with approximately 20 telephone representatives, a large and professional flight department and a tour's operation department with 6 operators. All are serving approximately 25,000 travelers a year.

The group is composed of five profit centers, each specializing in separate niches of organized tourism, and aimed for specific crowds:

אייקון של לבTARBUTU – offers 'seminar styled' culture-oriented tours and cruises, aimed for small organized groups. These tours center on history, archeology, music and art, architecture and world Jewry. The seminar tours are held via land trips; riverboat cruises; and cruise ships.

Private and Incentive tours center offers tailor-made tours to meet clients' specific needs.

אייקון של לב‘OFAKIM Organized Tours’ – has been a subsidiary of Rimon Tours Group since 2014. It offers organized tours specialized uniquely for companies and organizations, religious and tradition keeping clients. In addition, it is in charge of niche operations such as trips to Lapland.

אייקון של לבMorocco Special Division – centers uniquely on high quality, designer trips to Morocco, and offers organized tours, geographic trips, jeep rides, independent traveler trips, V.I.P. and private tours, and more.

More than half a million travelers have gone on organized tours via Rimon Tours Group, using a wide range of marketing channels such as direct marketing, traveling agencies (ca. 500 agencies country-wide), private groups and more.

Over 50% of our Rimon Tours’ clients are returning customers that travel frequently, and the company takes pride in providing exceptional service to meet its travelers’ needs, to their utmost satisfaction.

Among our clients are insurance companies, banks, large companies and factories, various wholesalers, Refineries groups, advertisement agencies, the IOCEA (Israeli Organization of Consulting, Engineers, and Architects) and more.

Rimon Tours Group also operates a training center providing support for its tour guide division which comprises over 90 guides, holding ample global experience.

The guides themselves undergo routine training and workshops and maintain a high level of professionalism, making Rimon Tours Group the leading tour groups in Israel.

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